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Deming Steven Wuthmann

Deming Steven Wuthmann


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02/15/12 09:53 PM #1    

Jeff McAllester

One of the the most inventive and caring people this world could hope to host. Miss you daily, love Mac

06/03/12 12:31 PM #2    

Brit Harvey

Going to the Fillmore to see Albert King and BB King. Deming went up and shook Albert KIng's hand, which gave me the guts to go shake BBs. Deming coming to my house to get Kim (not me) to help him with his homework. I'm glad he got to fish in Alaska. It just doesn't seem like Deming could be gone.


11/10/13 08:00 AM #3    

Priscilla Jane Abbott

Hello Deming,

You, Roark Murphy, Doug Sharpe and many more tortured me wrestling my first season 1971 LOL...

But always made sure we were up for the matches and ready under Coach Fisher and Coach Hart!

Insane I remember this, you took 3rd your Senior season in SPAL, qualified to wrestle in the

Nor Cal tournament. You said, nope, wrestling is over, I am going skiing hahahahahahahaa.

Insane, and I was kinda jealous of you, and impressed ya goof!!!

I did my best and wrote your wife and children as many wonderful memories as I could about you in

high school. Hopefully in some very small way, was some sort of comfort. As I wrote before, now

You, Roarke, Jon Dunn, all wrestling for God from the 1972 team..... All my best.

David Jones 73'


11/11/13 10:09 AM #4    

Lacey Johannes (Berns)

I remember Deming from Junior HIgh, Jordan. My family moved to Alaska in 1968 and I ended up graduating from high school there..however, I did make a side trip one year, to Kodiak and ended up commercial salmon fishing there, and still do. I remember running into Deming one year, probably between 1974-1976..saw him and recognized him at the local grocery store! What a small world! We chatted for a while. I don't remember if he had been fishing in Kodiak that year.. And then to read that he ended up fishing in Bristol Bay--I can understand his love for salmon fishing, as we still do every summer. He was always a nice guy, and sorry to read about his passing.

01/12/15 05:27 AM #5    

Richard Adam Johnson

Deming and I took off skiing in February, ’72. 11 days, 10 skiing, 3,200 miles of driving, one all-nighter, no plans, lots of memorable stories. We each had about $100. I spent $60 on gas, $30 on lift tickets, and $10 on miscellaneous items (food, housing, entertainment, etc.) I think Deming spent less. In those days you were only limited by your lack of imagination and creativity. Coupling these skills with Deming’s good looks, I’m surprised he didn’t return with more money than he started with.

Speaking of Deming’s ability to convince people to do what he wanted, Deming and I, along with Doug Sharpe, spent 6 weeks in Europe the previous summer. One night we snuck up on the Acropolis with some other tour members. We were up on the site for about 30 minutes before the Greek Police came after us. We split into two groups to get away and Deming’s group was caught. They were taken to the local police station but after about an hour Deming managed to talk them into releasing the entire group. I think they gave him a plate of baklava when he left ….

I will miss Deming, he was a true friend.

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