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Rourke Patrick Murphy

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06/24/12 11:07 AM #1    

Jeff McAllester

We were in the Mineral King Wilderness area, Walt Barret, Rourke and I. Camped beside a lake, Walt was showing me how to fly cast, while Rourke tended the fire a ways back from the shore. I made a few casts then suddenly the line was caught on something; that's about the time that Rourke started yelling as my hook was yanking roughly on the sleeve of his jacket. Many good times, thank you Rourke, Mac

07/16/12 11:08 PM #2    

Brit Harvey

The first time I went backpacking was with Rourke and several other Play friends. We went to Big Sur in the spring when the river was high. We were crossing the river and Rourke tried to throw his boots across the river. The didn't make it and went into the water heading down the river. Rourke didn't hestiate -- he went running down the bank and dived in. Fortunately some people were downstream and grabbed the boots. When we got to a campsite after a couple of days hiking, Rourke and Walt decided to have a wrestling match. They almost rolled into the fire.Then we decided to hike back by moonlight instead of go to bed. it was day light when we got back. It was a great trip and there was no way I can imagine it without Rourke.

11/10/13 07:36 AM #3    

Priscilla Jane Abbott


Just wanted to say hello. You were one of my Team Wrestling Captains in 1972.

Amazing you, Jon Dunn, Deming Wuthman, wrestling for God someplace.

My special accolades to you.

David Jones 73'

01/09/15 09:38 AM #4    

Wendy Elizabeth Bleiberg (Maybaum)


  You took my senior class picture in the hills of Santa Cruz.  It was a lovely day!

  Thank you!


01/12/15 05:12 AM #5    

Richard Adam Johnson

I lived with Rourke for a year while we were both at UC Berkeley. What an experience! Rourke had a unique way of looking at everything. The combination of Rourke and Doug Sharpe as roommates was a Kafkaesque experience. The world was better off with them both.

07/22/15 09:32 AM #6    

Martin Griffith McOmber

Murph, I was sad to hear about your passing, and glad to have heard a little about how it happened (thanks Judy Johnson Haccou and Andy Turner).  I will always remember the many hours playing on the tennis team, you and I as doubles partners.  I will now admit that you hold the record for most "home runs," especially when your Irish temper got warm.  We had tons of fun and played well.  Sometimes.  We should never have scarfed all those delish homemade choc chip cookies right before the tournament at Woodside tho.  I miss your laughter and will look back fondly at our friendship.  We'll meet again.

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