In Memory 🕯

Mike Edson

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03/27/15 10:18 AM #1    

Jack Kelley

Sorry to here that Mike has passed away. He was a good friend, and I had wondered if he was still around. 

03/28/15 03:24 PM #2    

Robert Douglas Moore

Both Mike and Randy Searl (a 72'er from our Walter Hays days) and long gone now as well were such talented mechanics. Mike was in my 8th grade metal shop class with Mr. Dockins, who recognized that Mike was gifted in his field and fabricating go carts at 14. Even before then, Randy was racing dual engine go carts and later became a well known winning Bulatco Dirt Bike racer. Not the usual Palo Alto stuff. I bought a noisy Mini Bike from Randy at about that age and got into some fun and a little trouble running it around the Paly track surrounding the Foolball Field with a couple of other 72'ers.    

03/28/15 03:55 PM #3    

Bradley Dirk Martin

Interesting post, speaking of Randy
Searl, I just remembered I sold him my 63 ford falcon in 11th grade, he took it out to the baylands and drove it maniacally until the engine blew up. Very awesome thing to do!

03/28/15 04:12 PM #4    

Robert Douglas Moore

Right! Both of these guys were Steve Mcqueens. Randy was always finding new ways to go faster,

03/29/15 11:17 AM #5    

Rick Rice

Mike was one of the toughest pitchers I ever saw, first in the 9th grade at Jordan (we won our league that year, largely due to his efforts on the mound), and then at Paly, I believe only as a sophomore.  He drifted away from baseball which was too bad, he could have played at the college level and perhaps in the pros.  An absolute competitor, when he pitched we always felt we were going to win as long as we could get him at least one run!

03/29/15 11:43 AM #6    

Robert Douglas Moore

Wasn't Mike also quite the Half Back fearlessly running up the middle time and time again?

Won't forget Mike. He was always a regular in the thick of it!






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